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The Budget is Tighter Than Ever

Tech's esteemed fall play has already been cancelled. Math, Debate, and Cheerleading, three of Tech's most popular and successful clubs/teams, don't have funding for advisors this year

The school and our students need your support more than ever.

Many thanks to those who have already donated. Every single dollar makes a difference. The more money the PTA raises, the more we can help Mr. Asher fund the wide variety of extra-curricular activities that makes Tech unique. Without parent/family input, this thriving part of the Tech experience will be in even more jeopardy.

Download a copy of the donation form (also in chinese), or donate online. The more money we raise at the start of the school year, the more we can help our students!

Participation in our annual appeal is easy and painless when you spread payment out over the academic year. The PTA is a 501(c)(3) corporation, eligible for most employers' matching gift funds. Please ask your employer if your gift qualifies. We recommend donations of $500 per year ($50 x 10 months) per student, but any amount is greatly appreciated and put to excellent use. Thank you! 

Park Fung, DDP

Our class is a basic introduction to engineering design where students will learn how to take an idea and turn it into reality. We start out with the process design and along the way the students will learn about sketching and technical drawing. Ultimately they will create a 3D-model of their idea using computer aided design and be able to print it using one of the MakerBot 3D printers that we have. 

I've attached a few pictures of projects that we do in class, one is a project to redesign a playground and another is to come up with an idea for 

a child's toy. As with the majority of the work that we do in our class, they are open-ended problems as I feel that the most important aspect of our class is showing the students the power of their creativity and helping them develop their problem solving skills. I also included a couple of images of a keychain accessory project I started last year where our students used the skills they learned in our class and a bit of creativity to create a keychain accessory out of something that represents something that interest them.

I got my BE in Electrical Engineering from Cooper Union and I am a NYC Teaching Fellow and got my MST from Pace University. I have taught at Tech since 2005.

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Teachers/staff we want to hear from you!  Let us know if you just got a new degree or honor, are starting a special project in a class or club that involves our kids, had a teachable moment, or want to honor another faculty member.  Please email us your information! 

Parents - If you spot an especially dedicated teacher, an interesting assignment, or any other special classroom experience at Tech, we want to hear from you, too. Just email us to share.


  Check out How Tech Works. Tech's go-to handbook of basic information about the school.


Next PTA Meeting: Thursday, October 2, 6:30pm

  • Freshman Demystifying Workshop: everything new-to-Tech parents need to know
  • Elections will be taken for up to 5 freshman-at-large PTA executive board members and 1 SLT position
  • Updated budget will be presented and voted on

We always welcome your input, ideas, and help. Please be in touch. Please CLICK HERE to volunteer.
- Elissa and Ilene,

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Help Our Kids Keep Calm and Crochet On
The Crochet Club is one great way that kids relieve stress and build a sense of community. Tech Counselor Ramona Richardson has posted a project for the Crochet Club on  CLICK HERE to find out more. We're already halfway there!