Thursday, April 25 during the Parent–Teacher Conference

Brooklyn Tech PTA is excited to host this annu al social event and fundraiser—it's a great opportunity for Tech families, faculty, staff and alumni to come together as one community.

(No food will be served during this event.)

Please contact the Auction Committee to volunteer and/or share ideas, suggestions, or ways you can help.

Get ready for a great evening!
SILENT AUCTION BEGINS AT 5:00pm — Registration is $10

A uction occurs before doors open for Parent Teacher Conference.

Bid to win sports event and show tickets, artwork, SAT prep classes, professional consultations, vacations, spa sessions, behind–the–scenes tours, and more! Click here for information about donations .

Items must be delivered by April 1, 2013 in order to be listed in the catalogue.

Spanish: Auction Letter (pdf download)

Chinese: Auction Letter (pdf download)

R egistration $10 - cash preferred.