BYLAWS_2013TechPTA (pdf download)

PTA Executive Board Officers’ Duties and Responsibilities:

Chair the Executive Board and General Meetings on a monthly basis. One of the presidents holds a chair on the School Leadership Team. One of the presidents is a member of the School Safety Committee.  Plan/arrange programming for the general PTA meeting. Ensure general parents’ concerns are brought to the attention of the school administration. Represent the PTA in any general venue at the school that requires PTA representation (ie Freshman Orientation, Freshman Open House, etc.). Ensure that committees are developed for ongoing activities such as College Office, Scholarship Awards, Faculty Grants, Club Grant, Appeal Letter, etc. Maintain communication with Assistant Principal of Parent and Student Engagement as well as with Parent Coordinator. Alternate as co–signatories on PTA checks.


Maintains detailed financial records of the PTA income and expenditures. Files semi–annual, year–end and IRS Form 990 reports. Prepares and presents monthly financial report at Executive and General PTA meetings. Maintains all copies of income and expenditures for the school year. Responsible for writing checks and balances the checkbook. One of the co–signatories on PTA checks.

Assistant Treasurer:

Assists the Treasurer in all areas of maintaining financial records. Makes presentations at PTA meetings in Treasurer’s absence.

Recording Secretary:

Prepares agenda for both Executive and General PTA meeting based on input from Co–Presidents. Maintains minutes for both Executive and General PTA meetings. Submits minutes to Parent Coordinator for disbursement. Provides meeting materials to Parent Coordinator for copying. May chair any committee. Obtains contact information of Executive Board members and updates when necessary.

Assistant Recording Secretary:

Assists the Recording Secretary in any necessary function. Takes minutes in absence of Recording Secretary. May chair a committee.

Grade Vice Presidents:
(Senior VP
Junior VP
Sophomore VP
Freshman VP)

Liaisons between the general parent body (respective to representative grade), PTA Executive Board and the School Administration. Receive and pass on concerns expressed by parents. Freshman Vice President is elected at September PTA meeting.
Corresponding Secretary:

Sends acknowledgements and letters of gratitude for annual appeals and other donations. Acknowledges special guest presenters at PTA programming. Facilitates communication of PTA Presidents to general parent body through composing notices and also by ensuring PTA website is updated and newsletters are produced on a regular basis by self or other volunteers.

Sergeant–at–Arms: Keeps track of time during general PTA meetings: ensures meetings begin and end on time; marks time allotted for each topic; communicates length of time allotted to presenters and indicates their time remaining. Handles the microphone during audience Q&A. Is responsible for “Tech Parent” tee–shirt orders and inventory. Sells tee–shirts and raffles during general PTA meetings.

The Parent Teacher Association of Brooklyn Technical High School is a 501(c)3 non–profit charitable organization. All contributions are tax–deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.

All officers of the Executive Board are volunteers elected by members of the PTA at the June PTA meeting and receive no compensation for their efforts.

All parents, foster parents, guardians and the teachers employed by Brooklyn Tech are members of the PTA.