Download PTA and BTHS Parent documents.

PTA Minutes

See the "PTA Meetings" Page

PTA Treasurer's Reports

IRS Form 990 Annual Financial Reports

Forms 2007 to present located at the bottom of the "Budget" Page

PTA Newsletters

- September 2011 PTA Newsletter

- March 2012 PTA Newsletter

- December 2011 PTA Newsletter

- April 2012 PTA Newsletter

- February 2012 PTA Newsletter

- June 2012 PTA Newsletter

PTA By Laws

Bylaws passed 2013 (pdf download)

Student Absence Form

click here to download Student Absence Form

Inventor Software for Students taking DDP (Design & Drawing for Production) and Engineering majors that include Technical Drawing.

AutoCad provides Inventor software FREE to students. Register and download here (large file) . Mac users can also use Inventor via Parallels, BootCamp, or VMWare Fusion PC emulator software with Windows 7 installed.

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