How can I stay informed of BTHS Updates between Meetings?

The most efficient and economical way that Tech communicates is via e-mail. E-mails are not shared with third parties and are used for school information only . The Parent Coordinator, the Assistant Principal of Student & Parent Engagement and the PTA send out announcements weekly. Here's how to ensure you receive news about Brooklyn Tech, Deadlines, Student Achievements, Opportunities and other notices :

Parent Coordinator: Fill out the Blue Contact Card every year (PRINT CLEARLY), and notify the Office to update throughout the year. Students take blank cards home on the first day of school. We can't emphasize enough that you print information clearly, as that is a common reason why mail is not sent.  The Parent Coordinator's e-mail and telephone number are listed on the Tech website:
Assistant Principal, Student & Parent Engagement: The AP's e-mail and phone number are listed on the Tech website:
Daily Announcement:
The text for the news announced over the public address system every morning is available for download on the Tech website: . You may also subscribe every September to receive the Daily Announcement text via e-mail. The listserv is capable of sending to a limited number of recipients, so please only register one e-mail per family. To subscribe, send an e-mail to [email protected] .
PTA: PTA newsletters are e-mailed via forwards from the Parent Coordinator, but we plan to create a PTA mailing list to provide more information to those who opt to share information with us. Fill out the Mailing List Form ; your contact information will not be shared and will be used for PTA correspondence only .
Teachers: Fill out the teachers' contact forms, which usually accompany a course description and syllabus, and are distributed during the first week of school. Please PRINT CLEARLY when you fill out the form. (Make sure your student returns the form to the teacher and you don't find it in the bottom of the bookbag in July). You can also contact the teachers via their e-mail, which is listed on the Faculty Directory page of the Tech website:

Now that my child is in high school, what does the PTA have to do?

The PTA is just as important in high school as grade school. Parents still care about educational opportunities, safety, and still need to know that the school will produce students who can compete well during the college application process. The high school PTA is still the liaison between the school and parent body. The PTA Executive Board votes on policies that affect the students' academic lives. The PTA provides you with information of school decisions and the expectations of the average student in each grade. The PTA also raises funds in order to support the students' education and those extra-curricular activities that make students well-rounded and impressive to colleges.

In addition to sharing information and supporting the students, the PTA also organizes opportunities where parents can become acquainted. This is especially important in a large school filled with families from all five boroughs.

Now that my teen is older, won't he/she tell me about required courses, deadlines, and any changes in the school (ie personnel, policy) that will affect their education?

We recommend parents help their teens clean out their bookbags periodically. It's not unusual to find important notices crumpled at the bottom of the bag, nor is it unusual to learn about an important deadline at the last minute. We all know why:

We're all aware that teens have their own way of prioritizing. They also interpret things differently and are not always able to discern what is important for parents to know. At the same time, some teens feel old enough and responsible enough to make decisions themselves.

Since teens tend to pick and choose what information to bring home, the PTA notices and the PTA meetings are the best sources for learning of changes and upcoming issues concerning curriculum, the school building, rules and policies, etc..

The PTA also invites knowledgeable speakers to the meetings to address topics that concern the parent, and ultimately benefit the teen, (even if the child doesn't think it will).

What is discussed at the PTA meetings?

At past PTA Meetings, Brooklyn Tech Faculty addressed:

  • Tracking Teen's Attendance and Performance through Internet Website P artners (ie Skedula)
  • Getting acquainted with the Science Departments and DDP curriculum
  • Developing Good Study Habits
  • Helping your Teen through Grief
  • Finding Internships through Tech's Internship and Job Database
  • Learning Tech's College Office 's [invaluable] Role in the Application Process
  • Understanding the Financial Aid Process (also separate meeting in Chinese)

Guest Speaker Topics have included:

In addition to usual PTA business, there is always something else to learn!  Don't miss it!

My child is having trouble with a class. How does one transfer classes?

Students may change classes on their schedule during the first week of school, on an assigned day based on one's grade level. Usually, Seniors and Freshman will be able to change first. Freshmen who completed Regents-level work in middle school are allowed to change if they are placed in the same course for 9th grade. (This usually happens when the middle school fails to send the Regents scores to Tech on time.). Juniors and Sophomores will be allowed to swich on another day. Students cannot switch if they think they've been assigned a "bad" teacher; nor can they transfer to another gym class if assigned "swim gym" — unless they produce a doctor's note. Unfortunately, program changes cannot be requested after the first week of school.

Is tutoring available? How does one obtain it?

See Brooklyn Tech website for tutoring schedules and check the Assistant Principals' offices for updated schedules for each teacher. Teachers are available for tutoring 1st, 9th and/or 10th period Tuesday – Thursday. Lunchtime tutoring is also offered, as is peer tutoring. Students should NOT wait until they are over their heads with a tough subject! There is no stigma to seeking help; every student uses the services at least once in their four years. Also, students are welcome to go to a different teacher for tutoring. It's good to hear a difficult concept "translated" by another instructor.

What do I do if my teen is ill ?

Students are not allowed to exit the school before the end of the day unless accompanied by an adult. That adult must be listed on the “blue card” that is completed at the beginning of the school year. The name on the card must match the name on the picture identification. Do not write nicknames, cultural/Americanized names, maiden or married surnames on the blue card, unless the name is also on the picture ID.

Upon returning, parents should complete the Student Absence Form (see below). The student will follow the instructions and have the form signed by the teachers of each missed class.

click here to download Absence Form

How does my teen find information on clubs and teams?

There are dozens of clubs, from National Honor Society to Breakdancing to Origami to Music to Military History to BBC's Sherlock . To find out meeting dates, check the listings on website, next to 1W2, and/or in the cafeteria. Watch out for posted notices, read the daily announcments or contact the club's advisor. Students are also able to create new clubs, but must have a faculty advisor who will be present at all meetings.
Teams are seasonal. Check the site regularly for announcements; some teams begin practice before Labor Day.

What is this Auction I keep hearing about?

Our Auction event is your PTA's biggest fundraiser of the school year. Click here for more Auction FAQs.

How do I contact the PTA If I have a question?

The best way to contact the PTA is via e-mail. See the About Us page for addresses. Your question may be added to this FAQ list!