Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about the Auction.

1) What is a Silent Auction?

Our event is about winning prizes, mingling with Tech parents and guests, and most–importantly, raising much–needed funds for Brooklyn Tech!

Click here to learn HOW to COLLECT I TEM DONATIONS for the auction.

At our Silent Auction, guests will be able to view great prizes (valued $100 and above) and write on a bid sheet just how much they're willing to pay for it. The person with the highest bid wins the prize. (This is different from a live auction, where an announcer takes bids from people in an audience.) We also will sell Raffle tickets for prizes valued under $99.

Proceeds go to help close the budget gap, helping to pay for those academic and extra-curricular activities that give Tech students an advantage in the college application process.

2) When and where is our Auction?

The Auction will be held on Thursday April 25 th . The event will run from 5–8:00pm inside Brooklyn Tech’s building.

3) How can I buy my tickets and how much do they cost?

$10 will give you early admission at 5: 00pm to look at and bid on items in peace before Pare nt Teacher Conferences. Avoid the c rowds! No admission will be char ged after 6:00 pm — but the Parent Teacher Conferences begin at 6pm as well, so…

4) Will there be food available and is it included in the cost of the ticket?

Sorry, there will be no food sold this year. Snacks will be sold by students on the uppper floors.

5) What can I win at our Silent Auction and Raffle?

That is up to you! Click here to start collecting items as soon as possible . Items and Certificates should arrive a week before Auction Day.
Prizes at the 2012 Auction included Walt Disney World Park Hopper tickets (value $544), In-home Energy Audit ($250), tickets to the Broadway show Chicago ($300) and a Princeton Review prep courses ($1,200), Financial Aid Consultation ($250), Gift Certificates to MessLook Spa ($85), College Essay Coaching ($200), Acoustic Guitar ($150), Tickets to taping of Jimmy Fallon Show, Framed museum quality Photo Prints. Last year, in 2011, prizes included a tour of the New York Stock Exchange Floor, a signed Spike Lee poster, Brooklyn Tech Principal–for–a–Day, and an original 1912 bound edition of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity (all priceless)!

How does one win a great item? Write down the highest bid at the Silent Auction or be lucky enough to have your ticket chosen for the Raffle. Credit cards are the preferred forms of payment that night.

6) I love bargains; will I be able to win something?

While we hope that you will bid amounts right up to the value of the auction item — because this is a fundraiser — you may be able to win, pay for and go home with something at less than its actual price .

Remember, these items were donated to the PTA in order to raise as much funds as possible to help the kids at Tech. Please keep the bidding going!

7) What about entertainment? Will there be anything to do?

W e will not have ent ertainment this year .

8) Why are volunteers needed now? What will be happening for six months?

We have just–enough time to recruit people to solicit item donations; establish and maintain the computer database of auction and raffle items, design and print the catalog; plan and buy decorations; coordinate volunteers and more. Meetings are held twice a week until March , when they will become more frequent. There is also a meeting a week or two after the Auction to tie–up loose ends, review and critique. Six months is the minimum amount of time that we need volunteers.

9) I have a busy schedule. What can I do to volunteer only on Auction Day/Night?

Volunteers will be needed all day: receiving deliveries, assembling tables and chairs, decorating, arranging auction and raffle items, putting up signs and applying labels, safeguarding valuable and fragile items, checking in attendees, selling raffle tickets, checking out winners, breakdown and cleanup. It takes a lot of people to make this event run smoothly — from the first September meeting until the right after the Auction ends.

10) Why is the PTA doing this anyway?
School budget cuts have been devastating both in the classroom and for extracurricular activities. All the proceeds from this event will go directly to benefit the students of Brooklyn Tech. Some of the types of things your PTA funds include uniforms and equipment for our teams, entry fees for our academic based extracurriculars such as Debate Team Finals and supplies for the various Tech Clubs — all activities which are very important in the ever–so competitive college application process. (See the categories that the PTA helps fund on the PTA Budget Page .)